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Is Scalia’s Death the End of an Era?

February 14, 2016

Is Scalia’s Death the End of an Era?

ScaliaThe death of Antonin Scalia leaves the Supreme Court open to change and open to a further shift to the left. It also leave our entire nation in a fix.

The Supreme Court is one of three branches of power in our republic, supposedly the objective side of the balance of power, committed to the constitution and to keep the other two branches of power in check and aligned with the constitution. The problem with the court is, that they are appointed by the President and approved by the Senate. This means that justices on the court are chosen or rejected by a political process that is not objective at all. The power play is for the party in power to choose a justice that favors their perspective.

Founding fathers 5It was not supposed to be so. The choice was to be for the most objective constitutional candidate available, perpetuating our rule of law and the original intent of our Founding Fathers who created the Constitution. But the ‘old white guys’ who are sometimes lovingly and respectfully referred to as the Founding Fathers are a long time dead and their original intent is no longer popular. The constitution is no longer, at least in some popular circles, seen as our guiding principles but as suggestions left to us by people who did not understand modern ways or modern needs. The constitution has become a living document, evolving as times change, rather than the standards of unchanging principles.

It is into this conflict of views that Antonin Scalia rose to prominence as a constitutional authority and a principled justice. He did not evolve nor did he agree to be involved in the evolution of our founding principles. It is here that his value to the nation sparkled. He believed, as does a diminishing few scholars and leaders, that principles are principles. That is, they believe, as did our Founding Fathers, that the laws of nature and of nature’s God (a phrase common in our founding documents and concepts) are observable and can be established by reason and if followed will lead us to freedom and prosperity. The laws of nature do not change nor does the God who established them in creation.

Burney SandersBut then, we have moved past all that to new heights in our nihilistic rejection of all things permanent, and have now realized that God is dead and that ‘old white guys’ with delusional principles are to be rejected in light of more popular and entertaining leaders like Barak Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and now, Bernie Sanders. Why on earth would we want to be limited to a constitution with limited scope and archaic principles? (Sarcasm intended)

Scalia believed in the Constitution and in the principles that it espoused and which formed it. He was committed to the rule of law and opposed to the eroding of our founding principles. His death opens us to a further shift to the left that is supported by many on the court already and which will influence the appointment of a new justice, if it happens before the next election.

This will also spin our political process in the search for a Republican candidate, as those who are committed to the constitutional principles of our republic compete for that slot. It will have little effect on the Democratic competition for either Clinton nor Sanders care anything about the constitution and our founding concepts. The left has arrived at the nihilistic nirvana and are quite satisfied with the death of our traditional culture.

Interesting days are ahead, yet more than interesting, for they will no doubt be pivotal to our future direction. I for one am concerned about the prospects of our future. Scalia’s death does not help us right now.