Perspective: The DACA Debate

January 17, 2018
 Editors Note:
The following is a well written presentation of a DACA argument seldom heard in the shouting and emotional uproar of our day. I thought it worth sharing for your consideration.
By Ron Mariani
Interesting the twists and turns of the DACA debate on MLKJ Day, 2018.

I have so many FB friends with their hair on fire over a misunderstanding of the issues and the people involved.
The DACA debate is not about racism but about citizenship. It is not about the value of people or persons but about the commodity of the U.S. voters. For career politicians, the only thing they value more than votes is other people’s money and the political power they obtain.
Similarly the ‘s…hole’ comment is about the horrible nations from which immigrants are attempting to flee. Again, all people are of equal worth and each one of inestimable value. The commodity in question is the granted entry into America.

This comparison is not about the ethnos, the people, but about governments, economies, infrastructures of various countries. America is a qualitatively better country than the one’s from which people flee.

Some FB friends promote DACA on the basis of charity to widows, orphans & aliens in the land as described in the Bible. These friends argue that white Christians betray their biblical principles of caring for the poor & aliens in the land when we oppose DACA. The charge becomes: ‘RACIST’!
DACA is a matter of secular law and not of religious determination.

It is a terrible mischaracterization of principles to shame people biblically or socially over a disagreement secular law.

I disagree with DACA on Constitutional principles. Will any call me ‘racist’?

To do so is to tell a lie! Anyone doing so would be bering false witness against me! And I suggest against millions of American citizens who as a matter of law want to protect CITIZENSHIP.
Love or Charity is a law of God, and an American value. An impulse of a blessed people.

Any tragedy, whether individual, local, national, or international, has always been met by the American people with astounding generosity. A racist people do not reach out to help others.
Just as with every other country, the American people are different from their Government.
Government establishes & maintains law under which the people flourish or suffer.
DACA allows millions of illegal immigrants to flourish at the expense of hundreds of millions of Citizens.

Dear FB friends, check your heart before you accuse others of being racist for disagreeing with your political positions.

Calling someone ‘racist’ in contemporary society is a kin to calling someone a heretic in the early church. Accusing someone on FB of racism is as exposing them to public shaming and virtual stoning.

Yet, I find most people, willing to accuse another of racism, are themselves racist.
They assume, because I am white & male, I must be both racist and sexist. This is a horrible charge to accuse someone of being due to their race and gender. Acting prejudiced towards me is an indication of your racism not mine.