Trump – Personality vs. Policy

October 21, 2017

Social media is alive with anger, contrasts and polarized positions. Trump! Love him or hate him, but no one seems to be ignoring him. But there are some few who have a different take on him. Let me explain…

I do not like The Donald’s personality. I find him boorish, brash and rude. I watched one episode of his TV program and told my wife I totally disagreed with his leadership style and his management philosophy. Being a graduate of General Motor’s Institute’s “Advanced Management Program,” I though he did everything wrong.

I do not think that he and I would get along very well as neighbors and I certainly would not want to work for him. But with all that said, I do like his policies.

The American profile in the world had been give away by pacifistic weaklings. The vacuum of power in the Middle East, Korea and around the world put us in one of the most dangerous spots in our history. We were headed for not only insignificance but destruction. Ask any military leader about our vulnerability – do not rely on the political banter of those that think otherwise. A vacuum of power will always be filled with the strongest kid on the block.

The policies of complacency and pandering are gone and that is a good thing.

The rising national debt and the ever-increasing tax burden of the American people is finally being addressed. The philosophy of a fixed zero sum financial pie is gone and capitalism is coming back to life. This is very good for our future.

So, name any area of our executive branch policy and direction and I will argue that, although this brash bully is not pleasing to my personal tastes, his policies are going to save the American Dream.

I know, many will disagree with me on policy and point to socialism as the answer. But I will point you back to history. Name me a communist system that has survived the test of time and made its people better and more prosperous? Even China had to abandon its central planned economy in favor of free enterprise to survive.

OK, bottom line – I still do not like Donald Trump. But I am ecstatic about the policy shifts that are taking place. I’ll put up with stupid tweets  but not stupid policies.