Observations of Destructiveness

April 26, 2017

Last Saturday night/Sunday morning I got into a fight while doing security at a parking garage. Near the garage is a night club which serves copious servings of alcohol to any and all without regard for their safety or the safety of the public outside.

About 20 drunk and angry people gathered at the entrance to the parking area and decided to kill each other. My encouragement to cool it and later my commands to cease fell on deaf ears as passions overcame common sense and the inebriated brain cells squeezed out all sanity. The agenda was fight, kill, destroy and nothing would deter the course of insanity.

I survived without a scratch, but those involved suffered more than was reasonable. They ended their ordeal with cuts, bruises, broken bones, eyes and faces covered in pepper spray and many spent the rest of the night in jail.

In the end, I thought of our current national emotional climate. Hatred, riots, demonstrations with passionate and irrational emotions and agendas of destruction continue over an election that has been over for some time. The childish tantrums of bitter and destructive people betray an intoxication of the brain cells that evidences something worse than alcohol. It evidences an irrational internal passion of demonic proportions. It is not natural.

Our system of government and of its election of leaders is more than a popularity contest, it is a means of affirming a direction by the American people. We determine our destiny. Most often there are clear choices and one side or the other wins and the other side loses. Most often the losing side slips quietly away to lick their wounds and to wait for another day. It is not a rebuffing of the nation but a rebuffing of a particular political position. That’s all. We survive by the occasional swing of the pendulum and the corrections of a swing to an illegitimate extreme. But when the illegitimate extreme cannot see its extremities or correct its excesses, and will not accept the will of the people, then chaos is the result.

The intoxication we now see on the American landscape is dangerous and it is illegitimate. It will damage and destroy as certainly as the drunken mob following a well-intended party. If the riot I was faced with has any truth to be told, it is that in the drunken stupor of intoxication you do not destroy the enemy, you destroy yourself.