August 12, 2012

“Europe was created by history. America was created by philosophy.” – Margaret Thatcher


 The American Philosopher

Our Premise:

The United States of America was born in a time of great upheaval. The strain of tyranny had been felt in Europe, in America and around the world. A great transition took place in the founding of our nation as our Founding Fathers redefined where power should be and how it should flow. They ventured into a new paradigm of government and proposed that:

· Power should not come from the top down but from the bottom up – from the people.

· Power should be defined and limited.

· Delegated authority should be given to three branches of government, each as a check and balance to the others.

· Government should serve the people rather than the people serve the government.

· The power of government should be limited to protecting the freedoms of the American people, leaving the definition of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to the people it serves.

· The Constitution should be a lasting guide to all legislative, administrative and judicial action.

Any analysis of the current condition of our nation must conclude that we have moved away from those principles that have made our nation great and brought blessings on our land. This shift, away from our philosophical base, upon which we started, must be reversed, so that we can regain our freedoms, reaffirm our purpose and re-establish the flow of greatness and blessings that we have enjoyed.

American Exceptionalism is not the result of some arbitrary stroke of God is favoring us above other people. It is the end result of our discovery of Godly principles that release the flow of life as God created it to be. It is not enough to try to get God to be on our side. We must be on His side and follow those principles that honor God, follow ethical and moral principles and support the freedom that He has given to all men.

Come walk with us, as we journey into an adventure in renewal. We humbly ask for your attention, your support and your participation in rebuilding the philosophies that supported the founding of the greatest nation on earth –

The United States of America