Condeming Trump

January 13, 2018

By Robert Gunn

Well, our President, Donald Trump, really stirred up the liberals again, along with some of the Rinos in the House and Senate. He expressed his opinion about the condition of some countries that immigrants come from. The media’s response is typical of the blatant hypocrisy so ingrained in the liberal mind. They pretend to be aghast at the President’s remark, yet they have no problem overlooking the “F” word on signs and placards directed toward President Trump. Their “Holier-Than-Thou” attitude compels them to point a self-righteous finger of condemnation at nearly everything the President does. And while they engage in their venom-spitting and naming him “racist’, everyone of them—every last one of them—is just as vile a sinner as he is. But, that must be overlooked, right? After all, they are all so pure any one of them could just walk right into heaven without even seeking God’s approval.

The same people condemning the President must keep their hands in their pockets to hide the blood of aborted babies they are so proud to kill “for the mother’s health.” For years they overlooked, or buried, the backroom sexual activities of their peers and bosses. The media, and all the rest of liberal-land, readily ignores the traitorous and illegal activities of their favored politicians; their smug excuses and corrupt plans to tear down America and rebuild it in the image of the countries that President Trump recently remarked about.

President Trump has his faults, just like any other man. But the self-serving people in the media simply refuse to allow him to be himself and continue to guide this nation back to the kind of nation our founding fathers intended. These same Trump-condemning liberals would love to see us under the oppression of a one-world Godless government. These same God-defying liberals, the same people that pretend to be so appalled at the President’s description of a few countries, would prefer to have us all live under an authority without morals and integrity; a government where anything goes–where marriage and family are obsolete, where children are property of the state and raised up hating the truth about the existence of Almighty God, where all morality has been extinguished, where such a thing as true love for our fellow man is non-existent.

Just remember, in the eyes of the liberal mind, using hate phrases containing the “F” word toward another person is quite acceptable. Destroying personal and business property, and refusing to honor our flag and country in order to protest some perceived unfairness is altogether acceptable. Exploiting and dishonoring our welfare system is quite acceptable. Allowing someone else to work hard and earn their money in order to pay the cost of living for someone who refuses to work is acceptable. Allowing some young person to fight in our armed forces for the protection and well-being of someone else who refuses to serve is acceptable. Adultery and pornography, etc. is fully acceptable.

But..never, ever, mention God, or accountability, or your Christian faith. That is completely unacceptable. Never, ever compare another ill-run, corrupt, decaying country to excrement–that, dear people, is way beyond the borders of acceptability. That is Racist! However, crush the skull of a living, innocent baby and chop the unborn child up and sell its parts for ‘research’…that’s just fine. After all, there is profit to be made at the expense of a life. What a sick world we live in!