NFL Player’s Cause

November 30, 2017

Jack Dunigan

How to convince us that the NFL player’s cause is both heartfelt and worthy.
The NFL requires a minimum of 53 players per team. There are 32 teams meaning there are 1696 players. Some players make lots and lots, some not so much. But the average salary for a NFL player is $1.9 million (that counts all salaries paid divided by the number of players). Total salaries paid for the 2017 season will total $3,222,400,000 (that’s 3 billion 222 million 4 hundred thousand dollars for those of you in Rio Linda).
So the protests now cite inequality, injustice, and systemic racism as the reason. I have not heard what the proposed solution is. They may have defined it but I am not aware of it. Doubtless it will involve money, almost certainly someone else’s money. So here is how I measure the sincerity and worth of a person’s vocalized causes = look at the bank account. Where they spend their money is a sure and certain indicator of what is really important to that person.
To recall the words of Jesus, “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” So, let me propose something more convincing than taking to the knee. Let’s be generous and say that every NFL player could live well on $200,000 a year which is probably considerably more than their fan’s average annual income. It is certainly more than the average teacher, first responder, or soldier. $200K per year per NFL player equals $339,200,000 (339 million 2 hundred thousand dollars). That leaves a whopping $2,883,200,000 (2 billion 883 million 2 hundred thousand dollars) to be spent on curing inequality, injustice, and that evil systemic racism. Almost 3 billion dollars each and every year.
If bad cops are the problem, take all that money and use it to hire a more sensitive, better adjusted police officer. Depending on who you ask, the average career length of a NFL player is between 3.3 and 6 years. So let’s take the average and say it is 4.65 years. In under 5 years, the kneeling player would have played his part (we believe in equality don’t we?) of contributing to a staggering $13,406,880,000 (13 billion 406 million 880 thousand dollars) anti-inequality, anti-injustice, cure for systemic racism. That seems fair, just, and right doesn’t it? I mean we believe in equality right? And we’re concerned about overpaid people taking money from underpaid ones, right? And we claim to really, really believe in our cause, right? So, who will be the first kneeling player to step up and show us where his heart really is?